Every change in life is a new challenge!

And if we are talking not only about changing the place of work but also about the country of residence, this task is even larger and more stressful. We know this because every day we deal with future candidates from Ukraine, and Belarus, as well as candidates from Asia and other countries who want to start a new stage in their lives by deciding to work in Poland. Normally, you have problems and many questions answers to which you don't know yet. We're here to give you these answers and help you find yourself in a new, unknown reality.

We are a reliable and honest partner for candidates who take care of the interests of their employees and support them if necessary. We will help you get not only permission to work legally in Poland, but also other necessary documents. We will train you with all the tools you need to carry out your daily duties. We will offer you clear and fully understandable terms of cooperation.

 Which in practice means that from the very beginning of cooperation you will know what work you are offered, what salary you will receive, and what living conditions, if necessary, we will provide you.

Каждое изменение - это вызов!

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