Customs clearance of cars
We provide customs clearance services and help register cars that were imported to Poland from the EU or other countries.

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About the service

Customs clearance of a car in Poland using USPI WORK takes only 4 hours. The procedure is no different from the registration of local cars in Europe. The law requires the registration of a foreigner’s car within 30 days from the moment of purchase under the threat of a fine from 200 to 5,000 zlotys for violation of the deadline. The process is carried out in the city administration (Urząd miejski).


Necessary documents

  • foreign passport (beaten card if available);
  • technical passport;
  • insurance (if available);
  • numbers (if available);
  • car purchase contract.

Registration of a new and used car: what is the difference?

If the car is registered for the first time on the territory of Poland, you will need to pay an excise tax when registering such a car.


The amount of excise duty directly depends on the volume of the engine and the year of manufacture of your car. The volume of the engine plays the most important role in this matter: up to 2 liters – the excise tax is 3.1% of the car’s value, more than 2.0 liters – the excise tax increases to 18.6% of the car’s value.


So the difference between new and used car registration is that you will need to include excise duty in your new car registration costs.

Steps of car customs clearance in Poland


Technical inspection

Before registering a car, it is necessary to pass a technical inspection and obtain a document confirming its suitability for driving on Polish roads.


Preparation of documents

The second stage before registration is the preparation of all documents in accordance with Polish legislation. All documents related to the car must be translated from the language of the European country from which the car is imported into Polish. Without it, car registration is impossible


Pay excise duty

The car owner must then pay the excise duty (excise duty) to the Urząd celny (customs office). This is a fee that is required for any car imported into Poland, and depends on the volume of the engine and the cost of the car


Appeal to the city council

After that, with all the documents, technical inspection and receipt for payment of excise duty, you need to go to the city office. There, the car owner will have to fill out an application in which to indicate all the necessary data about the car and list all the documents attached to the application


Application submission

The last step will be to submit the application together with all the documents to the inspector. If all the documents are in order, the train station employee will accept them and issue the owner with a temporary technical passport, license plates, a sticker on the windshield and a train map.

Terms of issuing technical passports and registration certificates for foreigners

The temporary license is valid for 30 days, after which you will be issued a permanent license.


The validity period of a permanent technical passport, as a rule, depends on the period of legal stay of a foreigner in Poland. This term is established by the inspector, who puts a corresponding stamp in the technical passport.


If you have a residence permit until 2025, the technical passport will be valid until that date.


Therefore, when the validity of the technical passport is coming to an end, it must be extended by providing a new document confirming your legal stay in Poland.

So that you don't waste your time and nerves on studying Polish legislation - entrust the customs clearance of your car to the USPI WORK team!

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