Resident-citizenship card
Resident-citizenship card (karta pobytu) for foreigners in Poland: why it is needed, what are its advantages, and what grounds and documents are required to obtain it.
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There are different types of residence cards: a temporary residence card (Karta tymczasowego pobytu) for foreigners in Poland and a permanent residence card. Why do you need a residence card, what are its advantages, what grounds and documents are required to obtain it, as well as what categories of such cards exist - you can find out on our website and other information resources. Let's look at what categories of household cards exist in Poland at the moment: 1. Karta pobytu for work. 2. Karta pobytu for training. 3. Karta pobytu for the reunification of spouses. 4. Karta pobytu for family reunification. 5. Karta pobytu for reunification with children. 6. Karta stalego pobytu. 7. Resident card. 8. Blue card. 9. EU Citizen Card (European Union). 10. Temporary residence card of any category (karta pobytu) - a residence permit in Poland received by foreigners intending to stay in the country for more than three years. The validity period varies from 1 to 3 years, providing the right to work and travel. Details about the temporary residence card can be found in the Polish government agency or other information sources. If you are already planning to apply for a temporary residence card (residence card), the procedure for obtaining it may seem simple. However, if this is your first experience, be aware of the possible difficulties, especially with language barriers and limited knowledge of the Polish language, as you will have to understand Polish terms and definitions on your own, as well as difficulties with the European bureaucracy.
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