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Receiving social benefits (financial or medical) is a very important resource for every resident of the country. USPI WORK will help you prepare a package of documents to obtain all the necessary benefits at your request

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In Poland, foreigners also have access to a number of social benefits, including health insurance and educational opportunities.

What documents are required to receive social benefits in Poland?

Documents may vary depending on the specific program or service.


Typically, the list of documents includes

  1. proof of residency: e.g. residence card and identification code (PESEL);
  2. documents on income: bank account statement, tax return, employment contract or other documents confirming financial situation
  3. documents on marital status: marriage certificate, birth certificates of children;
  4. medical documentation: if you are applying for medical benefits, you may need to provide medical reports or doctor’s prescriptions;
  5. Other documents: depending on the specific program, additional documents may be required, such as an extract from the unemployment register, student status, etc.


It is important to clarify the specific requirements for each case, as they may differ depending on the type of social benefits.

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