Replacement of driver’s license
In Poland, national driving licenses of all countries of the former CIS are recognized, since Poland is among the many states that have ratified the 1968 Vienna Convention. Signatories to this convention agree to recognize driver's licenses of other states that have also signed this document.
About the service
Who is eligible for the license replacement service? Below are the main conditions under which your driver's license can be exchanged: - Availability of a Polish visa valid for at least 6 months at the time of exchange. - Availability of a residence card or confirmation of application for a residence card. - Legal stay in Poland (at least 180 days) for 6 months. - Availability of PESEL UKR – 6 months. - Having a passport from any EU country.
Who is eligible for the license replacement service?
If you have decided to exchange your driver's license, at first glance it seems like a simple task. However, upon closer examination of bureaucratic procedures, difficulties arise in communicating with government agencies. You may lose about several months submitting forms and filling them out if you submit the application yourself. Also, inexperience in the language issue can be an obstacle. At this moment, our team is ready to take on your troubles and help you resolve the issue of replacing your driver’s license.
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