PESEL number
Registration of a PESEL number together with USPI WORK is fast, without unnecessary worries and problems!
About the service
Registration of a PESEL number together with USPI WORK - quickly, without unnecessary hassle and problems! About the service PESEL is an 11-digit identification code issued to Polish citizens from the moment of their birth. Foreign citizens who have been living in Poland for more than a month and have a residence permit (meldunek) can also receive PESEL. For citizens of Ukraine, starting from 2022, PESEL assignment is possible upon arrival in Poland. The population registration system contains a variety of information about individuals, including data on registration, work, marital status, social benefits, health insurance and other aspects of personal identification.
What documents are required to obtain a PESEL number?
To receive PESEL, provide a foreigner's identification document (foreign passport with a visa or residence card), as well as a rental agreement. Fill out the pre-approved application form, which you present along with your passport and contract when you visit the office. Additional documents may be required if necessary. We help arrange this service for everyone who values their time and does not want to deal with bureaucracy. Trust the USPI WORK team to resolve your issues - your convenience is our priority. Bank account
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