Student VISA
Student VISA
Our company provides full support and assistance to foreigners who plan to apply for a student visa to study in Poland. Obtaining an education in Poland is a huge step towards obtaining a European diploma recognized by companies around the world.

Наши услуги включают в себя:

  • Education consultations:
    – We provide information about the selection of educational institutions and programs.
    – Help in choosing the best option according to your needs and preferences.
  • Preparation and submission of documents:
    – help in filling out the application form for obtaining a student visa.
    – preparation and verification of all necessary documents.
  • Documents required for obtaining a student visa:
    – completed visa application form.
    – passport and a copy of it.
    – copies of the internal passport.
    – medical insurance with coverage of at least €30,000, valid in all EU countries.
    – Letter of admission to an educational institution in Poland.
    – financial documents confirming the availability of sufficient funds for stay and training.
    – proof of residence at the time of study

  • Support in communication with the consulate:
    – We accompany you on all issues related to submitting documents to the consulate and obtaining a visa.
  • Organizational questions:
    – assistance in finding housing and organizing household issues.
    – Consultations on adaptation to the new cultural and educational environment.
  • Permanent support:
    – Our specialists provide consultations and support in job search and legalization issues during the entire period of your studies in Poland.


We provide a comprehensive approach to solving all issues related to obtaining a student visa, which allows you to focus on training and adaptation to a new environment. By choosing us, you get a reliable partner who will help you take the first steps in obtaining a European education.


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