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Peculiarities of obtaining citizenship in Poland

Do you want to live in a modern European country and receive a European pension when the time comes? Then your dream can come true by obtaining Polish citizenship.


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There are many foreigners living in Poland who honestly pay taxes, develop business and create new jobs. These people are an important part of Polish society, so the government has simplified the process of obtaining citizenship for them.


How can I obtain Polish citizenship? It is possible through the local Użęd Wojewodzki or through the Presidential Chamber.


In the first case, you have to submit the necessary documents to the Voivodeship Office. This is only available to foreigners who meet certain conditions, such as having Polish roots or residing in Poland for more than ten years.


You can apply for citizenship at any time through the Presidential Chamber. However, such applications can take a long time to be processed and the probability of a positive decision is very low.


Polish citizenship is also possible if you have special services to the state, such as saved lives or other exceptional deeds.

What are the conditions for obtaining citizenship in Poland?

If you are a foreigner and meet at least one of the following conditions, you can expect to become a Polish citizen:

  1. You have been legally residing in Poland for at least 3 consecutive years with a permanent residence permit, a long-term EU resident’s residence permit or a right to permanent residence.
  2. You have been residing in Poland for at least 2 years with a valid residence card and have been married to a Polish citizen for at least 3 years.
  3. You are under 18 years of age and reside in Poland with a permanent residence permit, a long-term EU resident’s residence permit or a right to permanent residence, provided that at least one of your parents has Polish citizenship.
  4. You have been living in Poland continuously and legally for at least 1 year with a permanent residence permit based on Polish origin or a Pole’s Card.



It is important to remember that in order to be recognized as a Polish citizen, you need to have a B1 level of Polish language proficiency confirmed by an official certificate. However, a voivode may refuse to recognize a person as a citizen if it threatens defense, public safety or order.

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