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The USPI WORK company is an expert in the field of business registration in Poland. We have been working for more than 8 years, and during this time we managed to register more than 100 different companies, which makes us the undisputed leaders in this direction.

About services

We provide comprehensive services for registration and re-registration of business in Poland. We have worked with companies in the following fields: Beauty, HoReCa, shops, law firms and many others.

What is included in the list of our services?

  • development of the company name
  • creating an individual statute
  • individual selection of PKD
  • registration in the state register of enterprises
  • introductory course in accounting


We take care of all the formalities – from the payment of notary services and state duty to registration in the National Court Register of the Commercial Court (KRS) and obtaining an individual tax number NIP.


Our service also includes registering a legal entity with the Social Insurance Office (ZUS) and the Tax Office (US) as a VAT payer, as well as obtaining a company identification number (REGON) and opening a bank account.

Peculiarities of company registration in Poland

Many foreign entrepreneurs who have their business in other countries move to Poland in order to expand their activities in a progressive European country with more transparent and understandable taxation, as well as to obtain legal status based on business.


Polish authorities support initiatives to open new businesses that will contribute to the country’s economy through tax payments and the creation of new jobs for local residents and foreigners. Therefore, the opportunity to open your own business is available to almost all foreigners.


A foreign entrepreneur can establish an enterprise in two main forms: as a private enterprise (jednoosobowa działność) or as a joint company (spółka).


Important: to open a private enterprise (PE) in Poland, a foreigner must have a resident card, a Polish card, permanent residence or citizenship.

Citizens of EU countries and their family members also have the right to create a private enterprise.


In other cases, opening a private business is almost impossible. A rare exception to the rule are entrepreneurs who already have a developed business with large turnover in other countries. Such a foreigner must have a very strong business plan, which describes in detail the actions for business development in Poland.

Therefore, if you do not belong to the category of foreigners listed above, then the best option for you would be to create an enterprise in the form of a joint company (spółka).


You can create a company yourself or entrust it to your authorized representative in Poland.

In all other cases, it is almost impossible to open a PP. A rare exception to the rule are entrepreneurs who already have a developed business with large turnover in other countries. At the same time, such a foreigner must have a very powerful business plan, which will describe step-by-step actions for business development on the territory of Poland.

Therefore, if you do not fit into the category of foreigners listed above, then opening a company in the form of a community (spółka) will be the best option for you.


You can open a company yourself or entrust it to your trusted person in Poland.


Our company USPI WORK has eight years of experience in the preparation of any documents for foreigners and is ready to help you in the preparation of both community and private entrepreneurship.


There are many types of joint companies in Poland: limited liability company (spółka z ograniczoną odpowiedzialnością – sp.z.o.o.), limited liability company (spółka komandytowa), joint-stock company (spółka akcyjna), partnership and others. The most common form is a limited liability company (sp.z.o.o.), which is the easiest to register, and its activities are more understandable and simple for foreigners.

What documents are required to open a business?

To create a company, the founder must have:

  • passport
  • PESEL identification number
  • electronic signature
  • the physical or virtual address at which the company will be registered

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