For employers
Our placement firm provides employers with a high level of professionalism and efficiency in recruiting qualified candidates. We have extensive experience and successful cases with various companies, guaranteeing exact compliance with the employer's requirements.
For employers
Our company provides invaluable support to entrepreneurs looking for employees from abroad. We are an honest and reliable partner, thanks to which companies significantly simplify their recruitment processes. We provide comprehensive services: from recruiting employees for specific positions to broadly defined employee leasing. We are responsible for sourcing qualified candidates, assisting with work permits, training and required certifications, overseeing employment and compensation, and placement related issues. We carefully monitor the orders entrusted to us, thanks to which we have a group of loyal employers and associated employees.
Advantages of the proposed cooperation:
- Significant reduction in recruitment and selection costs;
- Reducing the cost of hiring staff;
- Relieving the burden on HR departments;
- The contractor includes the invoice for the services we offer as expenses of his business;
- There is no need for constant cooperation with the employee - contracts for any period, short notice periods;
- If an employee is not suitable for a given position, he can be quickly replaced with another
Our company takes on all the responsibilities usually performed by an employer - we not only recruit, but also conclude contracts, send employees for medical examinations, conduct occupational safety training, pay ZUS fees and taxes, issue the necessary certificates and help legalize the stay of employees in our country.
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